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About Us


Product Design


  • The smallest details of a building, from door handles to taps, are often taken for granted, but it is these small elements with which building's users have direct contact. These components are like architecture in miniature: they must be functional, but they should also be pleasing to use - possessing good ergonomic, aesthetic and tactile qualities.


Philosophy And Way we work


  • Our philosophy is that the best architecture is a product of teamwork between our designers, our clients and our consultants … each sharing a common vision. The facilities we design reflect our belief that the built environment truly influences our daily life.
  • The partnership is enjoying substantial growth as a direct result of our responsive service. We are in the business of creating lasting relationships with our clients by paying attention to their unique needs.
  • The design of each project is reviewed regularly, both formally and informally. This process takes place under the direction of the design board, who review the design output in relation to the original brief and any changes agreed during the course of its development. The board is chaired by Mohamed Safwat Ramzy and, in his absence, design authority rests with head of design .


About Us


  • Kiany Lines Designs is a diversified firm founded in 2006 by Principal Designer and CEO mohamed safwat that listens to your ideas and respond to your needs . We feel that our time is best spent designing and working with the client and his team in a partnering atmosphere . We work to understand the client's goals and requirements, and fulfill them within the time allotted and within the budget provided. Our service and our reputation are extremely important, and we strive everyday to strengthen both.
  • Kiany lines Studio has become locally recognized as a leading Interior Design Firm. Innovative techniques, customized interior planning and impeccable service have allowed mohamed safwat and his team to skyrocket to success and maintain a strong and loyal clientele.
  • Our design team will ensure that your space reflects a comprehensive design that is catered to your lifestyle, needs and taste. We are here to help clients make wise decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Allow kiany lines Studio to make your dream building and space a reality.
  • · We are dedicated to providing our clients vision, value, and trust.
  • · We are ever changing to bring our clients the best service.
  • · We are striving to uphold the highest standards of professional practice.
  • · We are a company that Works as a family.
  • · We are everything you want us to be. 


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